Astro boy in the 1960 television appereance.

Astro boy is a boy robot with a mind, a heart, a spirit, and a soul. He is the most strongest, powerfullest robot of all time. He is very gentle, kind, and wise. He was created by Dr. Tenma, whom he was meant to replace Tenma's dead son, Tobio. But when Tenma soon realizes that Astro cannot replace his son - for he is an artificial robot child - and is not growing like other children do - Tenma sells poor Astro to the robot circuis. Now Astro spends most of his time defeating evil and being the defender of good. Astro boy has jet rockets in his feet that make him fly. He also can punch and has an arm cannon. It's all in a day's work for Astro boy!


  • Astro boy's name in japanese is Tetsuwan Atom, or short for Atom.
  • Astro boy can lift up extremely heavy objects, such as a plane or bus.

    Astro boy's appearence in the Astro boy 2003 television series.

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