Astro Girl's appearence in the 1980 color series of Astro Boy.

Astro Girl / Uran / Zoran is Astro boy's sister. In the 1980 series, she was given to Astro as a present from Dr. Elefun. Like Astro boy, her hair is black, but Astro boy's hair looks spiky and Astro Girl's hair is more in a curvy shape. She is a very lievely and mischevious girl, and often gets her brother and herself into a ton of trouble.


  • In the Astro Boy 2003 television series, Astro Girl [ her name is Zoran in this series ] has the ability to communicate with animals and lift up heavy objects.
  • In the 1980 color series of Astro Boy, Astro Girl's name is Uran.
  • Astro Girl is a huge crybaby in the 2003 series.

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